Nikos Gallop


greek salad


with fresh mizithra cheese, nuts, & apples in greek ‘petimezi’ molasses

arugola & grilled eggplant

with pine nuts, tomato & garlic sauce

cycladic salad

cherry tomatoes, capers, xinotiri cheese rusk, caper leaves & sea fennel

black-eyed peas salad

with avocado, cucumber & spring onion optional with marinated small fish

salad with fresh salmon

spinach & marinated zucchini, orange & yogurt sauce

mykonian & cretan

popping fried snails from Crete

with rosemary

cheese pastries

watermelon with feta & xinotiri cheese

‘rakomelo’ & fresh mint

local cheese selection

cretan & mykonian cheeses with honey, tomato marmalade & sweet olive

Greek Spread Platter

tzatziki, tarama, spicy cheese spread, fava, eggplant spread with pita bread & garlic pepper



houmous with pita



stuffed vine leaves

fried zucchini

cheese-stuffed pepper on the grill

grilled halloumi cheese

with tomato marmalade

seafood starters


greek fish soup

marinated small fish

fried small fish

sardines on the grill

grilled octopus with fava

fried calamari

mixed fried seafood

seabass ceviche

with local greens, lime & orange

shrimps saganaki

with ouzo & feta cheese

shrimps in garlic sauce


mussels with tomato & basil

mussels with lemon & feta cheese

calamari on the grill

swordfish on the grill

shrimps on the grill

salmon on the grill

mousaka with shrimps

fried fish fillet & zucchini chips

with tartar sauce

sea bass in salt crust

local lobster

served with pasta or on the grill

fish of the day


linguine with fresh salmon

& spinach

linguine with calamari,

zucchini & fresh spearmint

spaghetti with shrimps

spaghetti with seafood

risotto with seafood

spaghetti with vongole

spaghetti with seafood for 2

risotto with shrimps

& zucchini flowers

traditional risoni with shrimps

traditional risoni with lobster

spaghetti with garlic, olive oil

& peperoncino

mykonian penne

with xinotiri cheese, sun-dried tomato & arugola

risotto with vegetables

spaghetti bolognese

penne with chicken,

eggplant & basil

risotto with porcini mushrooms

& truffle oil


chicken chops on the grill

chicken fillet in lemon sauce

beef patty burgers with roquefort sauce

mykonian lamb chops

lamb shank with honey & mustard

with caramelised oven potatoes


potatoes with feta & basil sauce & truffle oil

meat variety for 2

chicken chops, lamb chops, beef patty burger, sausage

side dishes


homemade fried potatoes

local greens sautéed with garlic

fried potatoes with feta

cheese sauce & truffle oil

oven-baked potatoes

with lemon & thyme

broccoli sautéed with garlic

imam eggplant

with tomato & feta

vegetables on the grill

chopped salad

with lemon & chilly peppers


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